The Best Basketball Lexican I’ve Found So Far

The Best Basketball
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The Best Basketball Lexicon I’ve Found So Far

If you ask the best basketball lexicographe The Best Basketball she’ll tell you there’s no shortage of great basketball terms and phrases. There are, however, limits to what she can offer you. For example, is it accurate to call a fast break “a buying expedition” or “a strategy”? If you ask her that, then it’s not a term you want to advise players on. And even if you do get that one right, how much does it help your team win games? Sending your team on an expedition for the best layup shot possible or the most efficient strategy for scoring points will likely be helpful in keeping them off the court when they have a hard time focusing on their game and concentrating on the job at hand. But what about words that might help lead your team back into the game? Here we take a look at some of our favorite basketball words so far and where we can find more inspiration.


When it comes to basketball words, you’re likely going to find one word that will work for you and one word that won’t. If you ask your best friend, they might say they like “orting” words, while you’re likely to get “bragging” or “praising” suggestions from your former high school or college teammates. That being said, there are plenty of words that will work for everyone and will help your player develop as a player. A great example of a word you might not want to ignore is “carny”. While this word can be useful for teams that like physical play, it can also be a turn-off for teams that like a softer, more artistic approach to the game. So, yes, do your best to keep this basketball term at the ready!

Dribble, dribble, dribble

This one we’re all familiar with — and will likely use a lot — but what about a less obvious one that can help your team score points but that you probably won’t think of? Thankfully, there are plenty of great options to choose from. If you’re on the perimeter and you’re likely to see ball movement, try out “dribble”. On the other side, if you’re playing the interior and you’re more likely to stay in front of the ball, try “dribble, dribble, and PnB Shuffle”. When it comes to shooting, you can also try using “poaching” or “two-hander” to try to get the ball to the other team’s basket. Those are also slang terms, so don’t worry if you don’t know the proper terminology. That being said, these are always fun to use.

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 PnB Shuffle

One of the most notorious basketball terms of all time, this one will make anyone who uses it sound like a mermaid — which is pretty much what it is. It can also be used as a form of language to help your team bond as a unit. If you’re a part of a team that loves to talk, you may want to try adding this into your weekly meetings. If you’re not, it’s easy to miss what’s happening on the court. PnB Shuffling is nothing but fun! Try this out on your next team-building activity or event.

Backscatter Basketball

If you’re a shooting guard or a point guard, this is one of the terms that could help your team score points. But for the rest of your team, it’s a team-building exercise. The word “backscatter” is slang for “working the boards”. Generally, these activities take up one or both of your hands, so this is one of the easiest terms to learn. If you’re trying to find new ways to help your team score, read on the Best Basketball .

 Play the Play-Dough Game

A common conversation among young NBA players is, “Is it fair to play basketball on Sundays, anyway?” This can be a great question because it can help your team bond and build off the success they had on Thursday night. If you ask your teammates about their favorite breakfast or lunch item, try using that term to show them you love both days. “We’re playing the play-dough game at 5:00 pm on Thursday and 6:00 pm on Friday. We’re supposed to be doing something fun — what should we do?”

Big O Commitment

One of the most iconic terms in basketball, this is also one of the most misunderstood. The best teams in the NBA are always built around one thing — and that’s the will to win. If you don’t believe us, ask your favorite player. “Our team isn’t in any danger of defeat, just getting burned a little,” said point guard Kyrie Irving to Sports Illustrated in 2014. “What can we do to try and turn that around?”

 Summing Up

The word “carny” is a great example of a word that can help your team develop as a player — even if they don’t know the proper terminology. While not all words are created equally, there are some words that can help a team score more points while others can help them stay off the court when they have a hard time focusing on their game and concentrating on the job at hand. You can also find other words that will help your team bond as a unit, such as PnB Shuffle, Dribble, and PnB Shuffle.

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