IGRAM IGNOU Is Absolutely free solution portal for delay in assignment marks and study material.

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What do you do when you do not receive original documents, be it an IGNOU result, degree certificate, or provisional certificate?

You submit an IGRAM IGNOU complaint. The headquarters or regional centre takes these grievances seriously and solves them at the earliest. 

What to do if the college is not responding?

You can submit the request if the college is not providing the information.

IGNOU has an IGRAM portal to submit grievances; you can also enter the complaint GST number (tracking code) to see the last report.

If you’re wondering how to solve an issue without visiting the study center or RC, this article is for you.


IGRAM in IGNOU is one of the best grievances to redress portals where a student can submit their complaint with no fee. It also works like an IGNOU complaint cell where any student can submit their query.

IGRAM is an IGNOU Grievance Redress And Management.

Many students face problems at university as we are unaware of issues when we take admission, and many of us make mistakes while selecting the subjects. They don’t know the importance of IGRAM IGNOU.

Step-by-step process of applying IGRAM IGNOU.

  • Open IGRAM portal
  • Select Grievances Category
  • Select the “Subject.”
  • Click Next
  • Enter the basic details
  • Write your Query
  • Upload documents if possible
  • Click on submit

Popular IGNOU IGRAM query

Admission Status: If your application is not confirmed, you can ask about the admission status. How long will it take to approve my rgistration? What is the reason for delayed confirmation or not confirmation of admission?

Study materials-It is one of the primary issues every student faces if you are facing the following issues related to the study material.

Try to use the IGRAM IGNOU portal.

Not received

wrong medium

incomplete set

wrong material received

E-study material link.

Assignment status-If assignment marks /grade status have not been updated. You can visit the IGRAM IGNOU portal for your grievances. Register your problem with uploading of Assignment acknowledgment slip.


Here is a sample grievance copy. It will be helpful for the student who is applying for a re-evaluation of the answer script.

I have applied for a Re-evaluation for the December 2019 exam, but my Re-evaluation result is not showing. Kindly provide me with updates. Find the attachment.

How to track IGNOU grievance status

  • Step to check grievance status
  • Visit the IGRAM portal
  • Click on the track grievance response status option
  • Enter GST token code on the text area
  • Click on the get status button.

IGNOU complains about the result from IGRAM IGNOU portal.

Today I got an email from a student “I applied for an online exam form, payment deducted from my account but I did not receive any control number kindly help me.” Then I replied that you needed to email the exam division in the following email (

Here is a sample request asking about the control number.

Dear sir/madam

I am Rahul Kumar, enrollment number-123456789 program code-BA. Paid online exam fees on 09/07/2021 were deducted from my account, but I didn’t receive any control number or confirmation. I am attaching a payment slip.

Payment Reference number-IGAA41hsgs.

What is the IGNOU helpline number?

While calling the IGNOU helpline number, most of the time, there is no connection. The phone is often ringing, but no one is picking up the phone while calling the IGNOU customer care number in Delhi.

Students face problems submitting their registration form, examination form, and getting the hall ticket.

Although universities try their level best in every stage for student support.

IGNOU University is the world’s largest Open University and has over 3.5 million students. And every RC has a helpline where students can call and ask for a solution.

IGNOU toll-free admission helpline number

Before calling the IGNOU inquiry number, try to read the prospectus because the question you will be asked to IGNOU customer care answer is already written in the FAQ section of the prospectus. For more information, check the IGNOU prospectus link.

Have you ever thought only complaining in the regional centre is enough? Is it possible to visit the RC regularly? I don’t think so.

You realize that we face many issues that we get to know only when we take admission.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is the best open and Distance University, but you face many problems when you learn.

Have you ever tried to call IGNOU toll-free number before taking admission?

Here is the IGNOU admission helpline number 011-29571301or 011-29571528. You can seek help from the following number.

Student support IGNOU email id

Is there any way to contact the registrar through email id?

Here is the IGNOU registrar email id-

My IGRAM IGNOU experience

I am telling my experience with a student who contacted me. He told me he had completed his graduation and waited for his mark sheet for six months. He visited his study centre and the regional centre for his mark sheet, but he did not get his mark sheet. At last, somehow he got my phone number and told me about his problem. I advised him to use IGNOU IGRAM, and he did so.

After four days, he received an email from IGRAM IGNOU asking him to send his address with a form to headquarters in New Delhi. He followed the instructions.

He received his mark sheet within 20 days.

Contact your local post office and inquire about any registered or speed post parcel for you.

If your door was closed at the delivery time, the address you mentioned in the admission form is wrong or incomplete. You may face the problem of receiving your documents.

If you have not received the documents and your registered address is correct, raise a grievance request from the IGRAM portal to get the result.

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  • My name is SUMAN student of IGNOU university. My Enrollment No. is 194390445.Course-MEG. I have given exam session of 2019-2020 .now till date my 1st year exam and assignment marks not updated.

    Kindly do it needfully waiting for your response.

    • While checking your details first-year assignment marks are showing in a grade card portal kindly check from the following link-

      University has already published a notice for promotion for first-year students who registered in July 2019, if you have already submitted the examination form for 1st year you may get the promotion.
      You can lodge your complaint in the IGRAM portal.

      Subscribe to our youtube channel to know more about IGNOU university.

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