IGNOU study material not received ? Egyankosh & E-content is a great option to get Books.

IGNOU study material
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Today’s post is for every student admitted to IGNOU and waiting for textbooks; admission confirmation has finished, so students are waiting for their IGNOU study material status, but they still didn’t get it. 

I got a digital library called EGYANKOSH, one of the best IGNOU study material platforms. I’ve been using IGNOU BA Ebook for quite a few years, and they’ve helped me with teaching. If I were to weigh the pros and cons of a traditional book versus an eBook, IGNOU BA Ebook is the winner. 

Many distance education only provides admission to various courses, but they don’t have excellent research material like IGNOU study material pdf for their Beginners.

Benefits of IGNOU Study Material in pdf format 2022

I prefer IGNOU online study material for five reasons. I thought I would share that with all of you. 

First benefits of IGNOU study material

IGNOU online books are simple to access anytime, anywhere. The university offers a 15% fee refund scheme for applicants who opted for books in a pdf copy instead of printed textbooks.

The second reason

Because of its search function, the online Digital study material of IGNOU is excellent; you can Google the book for things you are interested in studying, the topics of interest, and why you got the text in the 1st place.

In traditional books, you use the table of contents and go to the chapter you think is relevant, but with online IGNOU books, you can type in the keywords, and you get a list of all the pages that mention your topic of interest. 

It’s fantastic, made me a more efficient reader, and saves time rather than flipping through pages to see if something applies to you. 

The third reason

I prefer IGNOU online books because they allow you to highlight and annotate. It’s a great tool mainly because we are thinking and analyzing when we read. There are specific thoughts we don’t want to lose because we want to capture that at the time of our reading. 

With an IGNOU eBook, you can highlight the relevant text and create a note, and at the end, you can collate all your notes and highlighted text and see the pattern in your understanding. 

It helps when researching because it allows you to summarize your understanding of a book rather than go back to it and re-read sections. 

The fourth reason

I love Digital IGNOU Books because it allows citing more accurately.

Typically, when I’m reading BA eBook, I split my screen where I have my eBook and a Word document or my PowerPoint slides, and every time I think something is interesting that I want to capture; I use the Snipping Tool and take a picture of a graph or a model. 

I can quickly transfer it into my Word document. 

So I am not just reading, highlighting, and annotating. Still, I am also transferring what I want to keep from reading the book. That’s an excellent function of Digital Study material that is almost impossible to do with traditional textbooks. 

The fifth reason

I love IGNOU Digital Study material because it’s so easy and portable. I read now on the train while waiting for people for meetings. 

I’ve read more because of Digital Study material because I can read in different places. I can read on my tablet on any screen-enabled device, and when we think of these devices, we believe it strains our eyes. 

Still, it doesn’t because you can dim the light. You can zoom in on the text to reduce the strain it would take; otherwise, to carry heavy IGNOU books in your bag, remember to maintain the right things and read in a sometimes very high amount of sunshine. 

The Digital Study material is excellent, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. I’m sure once you try it, there’s no going back.

How to check IGNOU study material dispatch status 2021-2022

Are you waiting for the IGNOU study material status? 

Most of the students are also waiting for the book’s status but not getting the correct information, and here I will guide you on how you can track the status of the study material.

With the help of study material dispatch status, we can track IGNOU material dispatch status.

New IGNOU Study material dispatch status January 2022

Study material dispatch status July 2021

Track the year-wise study material status from July 2019 IGNOU from the official portal

What Is IGNOU EGYANKOSH & How can you get IGNOU study material?

EGYANKOSH is an open library that helps us find IGNOU study material free online, digital books, project guides, etc. You can get IGNOU books in PDF and share them with others. University developed EGYANKOSH IGNOU study material to deal with books related problems.

University is shifting its foot on digitalization. In October 2018, they published a notification on the official website for IGNOU online books.

IGNOU EGYANKOSH is a service like a digital library that can find IGNOU digital study material, and it’s free services and no need to pay the subscription charge.

What is IGNOU e-content? How do you get IGNOU study material using e-content?

Usually, e-content is a dedicated spot for students searching for better opportunities to learn online.

You will access all the E-content material the university has uploaded for students.

IGNOU e-content for PC has not been built yet, and we have been waiting for a long time.

The first problem every learner faces with the IGNOU study material?

It is a big headache for IGNOU students, and we have one quick solution for you. It could be best if you start learning from the IGNOU e-content. One of the best benefits of the IGNOU e-content platform is that you can also access other subjects and upload many course books.

This portal is free to use, and there is no need to pay any charges. If you’re reading from 

e-content, that gives out much information.

IGNOU study material not received?

You will get all the solutions if you have not received the study material by post. University will deliver books to the registered candidate by post. We recommend you don’t wait for printed books; it will take time; go for IGNOU online books from EGYANKOSH.

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