How to get IGNOU previous year question papers

IGNOU previous year question papers
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How to get IGNOU previous year question papers

IGNOU previous year’s question paper helped find course patterns for the TEE, allowing students to find the marking scheme of various subjects.

This year I met a CBCS candidate admitted to a new program. I will share my experience with a BAG course. New CBCS admitted students face problems with IGNOU question papers 2021; the university designed the syllabus with a new subject. I know you also need the marking scheme. Appearing for the exam without a question sheet becomes a challenge. In the December 2020 session, a BAG course student called me. He searched for the old question papers and did not know about the old semester question sheet, which was not available on the official website. I gave him some common questions; I was unsure whether these questions would work. You can’t believe he got 79 marks.

Five advantages of IGNOU previous year’s question papers 

You will get some idea when you analyze the previous year’s question papers.

  • Easy to analyze the question format
  • No need to learn all chapter
  • Easy to find the repeated paper 
  • Some questions match from assignment 
  • Ten term paper is fine for TEE exams.

I know the syllabus of this university is vast, but you have only limited time. 

Do you know why I am telling you the “limited time” because of the late delivery of study material?

How to get IGNOU’s previous year’s question papers

You can read CBCS Question Papers for all Subjects of your choice. Give us a chance to make your practice easy by getting all the needed information regarding IGNOU past Question Papers & Solutions. Getting the past year’s paper is easy. You don’t need to pay for it. Check the below tutorial to get IGNOU from last year’s question paper.

  • Open the home page of IGNOU University.
  • Click on the student zone under the student support menu
  • Click on question papers
  • Select the examination year.
  • Search course code, i.e., Acs1 (organized each subject group-wise). Click on the right-side link to open the past papers.

Most BA subjects are available under the SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES-SOSS and SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES-SOH groups.

How to get IGNOU question papers 2021

The university’s official website uploaded the past paper from June 2008 to June 2021. Do you know the exam for the CBCS system was first conducted in December 2020? If you want the latest paper for 2021, you can write your query in the comment box below; we will try to provide you with the question sheet through our website.

How to get IGNOU previous year’s question paper solved

If you’re looking for simple ways to solve papers online without buying guidebooks which always seem to cost 500, welcome one of the best student worlds called ANSARI INSTITUTE on the open education institute for helping students. We are providing the IGNOU last year’s question papers solved;

Note: you can email us at ansariinstitute@gmail.com.

My experience with IGNOU previous year’s question papers.

When I was doing my course, I faced many difficulties. Most of the services were offline, and only a few of last year’s question papers were available online.

Before January 2013, guidebooks were not easily available in the market.

But now, you can get an online guidebook at home, along with the question sheet of the past year.

For the BSHF101 question paper, I waited for 2 hours outside the examination centre. Finally, a second-year student gave me the paper.


I have talked a lot with IGNOU students and asked a question. How do you study before the exam?

Most of my responses only solved the previous five-year question paper and some suggestive notes. When preparing for an exam, one of the essential steps to analyzing the IGNOU last year’s question paper is to get an excellent result.

Note: if you leave the examination centre within 1 hour of the examination, In that case, you may not be allowed to carry the question sheet.

Don’t waste your valuable time writing something related to the question on the answer sheet, but don’t leave the answer paper blank. One line of an answer can give you a minimum of 1 number. (something is better than nothing)If you face any problem getting the IGNOU previous year’s question paper, let me know via the comment section.

You should now be ready to do the previous year’s question paper. If you have any doubts about which topic to study, contact us anytime for help or guidance.

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