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IGNOU Percentage Calculator
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How to calculate percentage in IGNOU

Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of India’s best open and distance learning schools. Most people call it IGNOU, it is in New Delhi. It gives students a range of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. A lot of students take different courses.

University releases the results of both sessions Term End Exams. But after they announced the results, students often didn’t know how to figure out their IGNOU percentage calculator.

This article will help you determine your score calculation.

IGNOU Percentage Calculator

The percentage is calculated by adding the marks for the assignments and the TEE paper. Students should do well on their assignments and their theory papers on the semester exam.

Management conducts semester exams twice a year, in December and June. These exams are called TEE.

Before the deadline, the students must submit the TMA solution paper to the study centre. University gives students TMA questions based on the session wise.

Each student should give a different answer on the assignment solved paper differently.

Let’s say that the students copied the answers to their assignments from study material they could find. In that case, the study centre will accept the students’ solved papers.

University exam board looks at the IGNOU percentage calculator based on a 30:70 split in the subject; they figure out a student’s percentage based on how well they did on their TMA (30%) and how well they did on their tests (70%).

For the master’s degree course, students should get at least 40 out of 100, with 20 out of 50 on their TEE. If a student failed the theory test but got 50% on the assignment, then the students have to apply again in the term end exam.

How to calculate IGNOU percentage

Students who turn in and pass the assignment paper by the deadline will be good for the entire course.

If a student passes the theory test but fails the TMA paper, they should send it back to the study center. Those students should have to submit the Assignment again and pass it.

IGNOU will give the student a grade based on how well they do in both education and discipline.

The grade card will say that students who got 80% or more are excellent, 60% to 79% are very good, 50 to 59% are good, 40% to 49% are satisfactory, and below 40% are unsatisfactory. 

University doesn’t use numbers with a decimal point and will round up the score in the offense. Before you figure out how to use the IGNOU Percentage Calculator, you should know these things.

For example, if a student got a 25.1, 25.2, 25.3, 25.4, or 25.5 in any subject, their grade card would say “25.” If they got a 26.6, 26.7, 26.8, or 26.9, their grade card would say “27.” IGNOU will use a different way to determine the score for each subject.

To figure out the IGNOU percentage, add all the exam points and divide by the number of subjects.

IGNOU percentage calculator online

Students can easily figure out their IGNOU percentage even if they don’t have access to the internet. Before that, the students need to know how they did in theory and on their assignments for all of their classes in the semester. University will give marks out of 100 for both activities.

The students must turn their theory and assignment grades into a 30:70 ratio.

Here, we show you how to figure out the IGNOU percentage calculator application in a few easy steps. Students who want to know more about identifying percentages can see the points below.

Let’s take a look:

The students have to add up their marks from all their classes.

Then, make a table and write the marks for each subject separately.

The mark for theory should be 70% and the mark for TMA 30%.

Now, take 70% of the program’s theory marks and 30% of the assignment marks and add them together to get the aggregation.

Now, add all the amounts to get the total number of subjects.

Here, split the total by the number of classes in the semester.

The IGNOU score will be worked out in the next minute.

IGNOU percentage calculator for grade card

As we said above, TMA will be worth 30% of your grade, and theory exams will be 70% of your grade. So, for example, if a candidate has 90 marks on the assignments on the degree card, they will get 27 marks, and if a candidate has 70 marks on the TEE theory exam on the grade card, they will get 49 marks.

So the total number of points for that class is (27 + 49) = 76. Using the same method, candidates must determine their marks for all courses and add them. To figure out the IGNOU Percentage Calculator, the candidate must divide the total number of points by 1200.


According to the IGNOU Percentage Calculator, people who want to take the University exam in 2022 must get at least a D on their assignments and exams at the end of each term. Candidates can save this page for later use by pressing Ctrl + D. 

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