Why did University not send the IGNOU marksheet & provisional certificate. Check the reason?

IGNOU Marksheet
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Are you wondering how to get an IGNOU Marksheet 2022 after the term-end exam? If yes, this step-by-step tutorial is for you.

Whenever we finish the TEE, we search for how to get a result. 

The result is shown on the grade card, and I know how important it is. Everyone knows we cannot apply for higher study or jobs without original documents.

I know you are excited and ready to collect the final marksheet after completing the course. 

When you attend the classes in the first year, you see many new students, but the percentage of students becomes significantly less.

Do you know why the passing percentage goes down in the 3rd year?

Up to 10% of students do not apply for re-registration, and 20% cannot get the original IGNOU Marksheet because of failure in some subjects.

The original certificate is one of the essential documents issued by the management after completing the exam.

Getting the IGNOU graduation certificate is not easy; it requires three years of hard work to succeed in the exam.

The management has started sending the December 2021 mark sheet to the respective learner by post. It would be best if you contact the nearest post office.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) announced the term-end December results on Monday, March 28. 

Students must note that the management will send the document of the December term candidate held in March- April 2021, and they will not get whose grade report is pending.

How to check IGNOU Marksheet dispatch status 2022

After finishing the exam, the first thing that comes to mind is how to check the IGNOU Marksheet status 2022 and how many days it takes.

It takes 30-45 days to get the original mark sheet.

Today I will inform you of the top 3 ways to track the result.

1. Helpline number: You can call on-01125972218 to find the delivery status within minutes. It is the easiest option.

2. RTI (right to information): You can submit an online RTI, but I will not recommend submitting it.

From my experience, an RTI application takes 30 days to get a reply, whereas IGRAM takes a maximum of 7 days. 

3. IGRAM-It plays a vital role if you need any help.

Follow the below steps.

You can track IGNOU mark sheet dispatch status 2022 from the IGRAM portal.

1. Open the IGRAM portal

2. Select Category “Marksheet & provisional certificate,” in the subcategory “select non-receiving of original Marksheet & provisional certificate.”

3. Click next

4. Fill in the details

5. On the query box, type “I did not receive my IGNOU Mark sheet & provisional certificate. Kindly provide me the tracking number/consignment number.”

6. Click on the submit button.

Wait for a few days, and the official department will inform you.

The reason behind the IGNOU Mark sheet not being received?

Students face difficulty in getting the result.

Do you know why? Check the below reasons.

Here are examples of why the university is not giving you the mark sheet.

Assignment marks: Sometimes, assignment marks are not shown on the grade card portal, so you didn’t get the IGNOU mark sheet.

Practical marks: If you have selected practical-oriented subjects and haven’t attended lab class, this could also be difficult to get the IGNOU mark sheet.

Theory exam: It also plays a vital role in getting total results; universities upload theory papers late.

The project marks: sometimes, you forget to submit the project, and it causes you the pending result statement.


Have you heard the subject names ahe1 (Human Environment) and amt1 (Teaching of Primary School Mathematics) in a BA course, which have project-based subjects?

Students who select the AHE1 don’t submit the project report to the project division. They don’t know about the synopsis or even have to do the projects.

The common reason is that most students face problems with their Marksheet of IGNOU University. 

ignou marksheet pending

You can check the above image, which shows that up to 47% of students face difficulty getting the result whose assignment marks are pending.

We have published an article on why IGNOU assignment marks are not updated. You can take the help from this post.

If you have completed all the above steps, you don’t need to worry about the IGNOU mark sheet 2022.

How can I get the IGNOU online Marksheet option?

I meet thousands of students every year, and every time they ask me, How can I get the IGNOU certificate online? Is there any process? 

Let me tell you The institution has not provided any facility to get an online mark sheet. You can get Digital copy of certificate from DigiLocker website.

My experience with the IGNOU Graduation mark sheet

Last year, I received a WhatsApp message: “I have completed my graduation but not getting degree tracking status. She has been waiting for the result for the past six months.

I advised him to try the following steps.

1. Check if the assignment marks are showing?

2. Check if the theory marks are updated? And also the score on each page, i.e., over 35.

If all the above steps are correct, follow the below process:

Call this number-01129572211/011-29536743 and ask for the speed post/ registered post tracking number asking for IGNOU certificate status.

I tell him to try the IGRAM support.

She got the tracking no.

Open the India post official website and track the consignment number and the details of the documents.

Here you will find the exact details of IGNOU degree status.

While tracking documents showing “address left without instructions,” they returned the documents to headquarters.

What happens next?

Do you know why the IGNOU mark sheet and provisional certificate status were showing returned?

She moved to a new address, and the university sent the result to his old registered address.

Then she requested the management to resend the documents. Within 4-5 days, she got a reply from the management. Finally, she received documents within 10-15 days.


I am giving you the details. To make sure you don’t face the same problems in the future.

How to get IGNOU provisional certificate status


IGNOU Provisional certificate issued by the university before the original degree certificate

You can use it to apply anywhere, government or private sector, until you get your original.

There is no need to check the provisional certificate status as the university will send it along with your mark sheet.

If you did not receive it within the time limit, you must follow the IGRAM portal.

IGNOU duplicate Marksheet online form

Whenever we hear the term “duplicate mark sheet” a query arises: is it valid?

It is also an original document, and the university writes only “duplicate” words.

1. Find the online duplicate mark sheet application from the official website.

2. Send the filled application form and Demand Draft of Rs 200 to the Delhi address.

3. The headquarter will deliver your IGNOU mark sheet by post.

Note: University may change the application fees to get the exact cost. Visit the official website. Note: Don’t forget to apply for the duplicate provisional certificate.

IGNOU Marksheet format

When I was in the first year, I was very curious to see the IGNOU Marksheet sample image; I searched a lot on Google about the Graduation certificate images but did not get the result.

Finally, I got it from my teacher.


Does the IGNOU certificate have value?

When I applied for a BA degree course, I thought about whether this certificate would be valid or not.

After visiting the regional office and official website, I found it one of India’s best open universities. 

I know you also had the same question earlier.

Everybody knows it is a central university when we talk about the IGNOU certificate value. 

Like JNU and Rabindra Bharati, no one can challenge their certificate value. It is a UGC-recognized Central University under the ministry of education.


If you find spelling mistakes in the student management system, update the data before the examination and ensure that contact details are correct.

Most students face problems with their old address, so update the record by visiting the regional office or applying online whenever you shift to the new address.

If you face any problems with IGNOU Marksheet, Let us know in the comment section.

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