Why IGNOU grade card status showing not completed?

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Written by Niraj

IGNOU grade card status is an excellent tool for finding marks.

But what if you’re not getting the result and looking for TMA marks? 

When searching for exam marks, the IGNOU grade card status is the first tool most learners use. 

Why? It’s easy to find and developed by the university. 

Before joining a distance university, every learner dreams of completing a degree course within the time.

Grade card IGNOU 2021 is a portal where learners can find theirresults and analyze whether they passed or failed and provides a wide range of features, including activities of the assignment term-end score, projects, etc. It should be over 35% to get qualified.

Note: For tourism and Master’s degree course passing score is 40.

How to check IGNOU grade card status 2021-22

· visit the official portal

· Once you’re on the dashboard

· Enter the enrollment number (mentioned on your ID card)

· Select your course and hit the submit button.

· It instantly provides your result status.

IGNOU grade card new link
IGNOU grade card status for BCOMG

Last year I analyzed over 5 thousand IGNOU grade card reports. I got something different; most of the BCA and BTS results were incomplete.

Do you know why most of the marks were showing pending?

Why IGNOU grade card status showing not completed?

Have you ever considered why an incomplete result shows on IGNOU grade card status 2021?

When you check assignments on the dashboard, status shows “not complete”?

Do you know why this happens every time?

Check the reason below.

(1) Project not submitted

BCA and BTS are project-oriented courses.

Students who do not follow the project manual face difficulties during project submission. They don’t know how to get the approval; they skip submitting it to the end.

Don’t forget to contact the course supervisor whenever you visit the college because they help prepare the synopsis.

I am receiving many messages on my WhatsApp: “My result is not showing on the IGNOU grade portal, or my marks are showing incomplete?”

In my experience, if you attend the classes, your course supervisor will help you.

Passing in the practical and projects is quite challenging compared to submitting the assignment.

Because you can write the TMA at home, you cannot get the approval of the project report from home. So you also need to complete both papers. Make sure all your term-end theory papers are completed.

(2) Assignment status not updated TMA status is not updated, which is one of the common problems for every learner. Students submitted the TMA offline, but the study center did not send the marks to the regional office.


Note: Make a copy of the transaction slip so that you don’t have to worry about finding assignment marks on the IGNOU grade card in the future.

(3) The assignment marks are less than 35

Students submit their TMA incomplete, so the study centre provides minimum marks.

Make sure that your assignment is completed correctly before the last date.

You have another option in the next session. Because the study centre may give you a lower number if your TMA is incomplete, and your original IGNOU grade card status will be pending.

(4) Your theory marks are less than the passing marks

(BA, BCOM required 35 and Master’sMaster’s degree 40) so if you score less than passing marks, your status will be “incomplete”.

Feature of IGNOU grade card 2021-22

We can divide it into four parts.

1. Assignment

2. Practical

3. Project

4. Term-end theory exam

You will see a total of eight columns in the grade card of management.

1) Course code

2) Assignments 1,2,3,4 column

3) Term and theory

4) Term and practical 

(5) Marks status option

I have seen many students whose subjects are project-oriented, like AMT01 and AHE01, who don’t submit the report. They think completing the TEE will clear the result, but this doesn’t seem right. 

You need to complete the theory and project both; otherwise, your results will not be complete, and you will not receive any mark sheet.

IGNOU Results Grade Card marking scheme

Have you checked the results of BEGAE182 and BEVAE181? If yes, let me tell you a fact.

In the IGNOU grade card status and the result portal, the marks of both subjects are shown differently because both papers are 50 marks.  For example, if you got 23 in the BEVAE181 result panel, the marks will show 46 on the grade card portal because the university calculated from 100

How to check IGNOU BAG Grade Card

The official link helps check the IGNOU BAG grade card. 

If your registration is before January 2015 you need to select BDP / BA.

From July 2015 to January 2019, candidates can check the IGNOU other program grade card from the above link.

Note: BDP Stands for Bachelor’s Degree Program.

The university has developed a new portal for its new CBCS students. Here we can check the marks of BAG, BCOMG, BSCG, and Master’s degree courses, such as MEG, MAH, and IGNOU grade card status.

My recent experience with IGNOU grade card status 2021-22

Today, I will share my experience related to the result status 2021. One of my students, Rahul, faced a problem with TMA marks. The university has not uploaded marks in the IGNOU assignment grade card status; he waited for six months.

He contacted the study centre every month but received no positive response. Then he called me and discussed his problem.

I advised him to apply for an RTI. Within 25 days, he received an email from the Kolkata Regional Center, and after 25 days, he received the final hard copy result with a provisional certificate.

You can also visit the Grievance portal. I have already written a detailed report about IGRAM IGNOU.


The IGNOU grade card is a document showing a candidate’s marks in a course. The university issues it to the student. After completion of the programme, it is given to you as proof of academic performance and helps you with future admissions or recruitment into certain companies or institutions. 

We can get it from headquarters when we have completed the semester/year- and passed with a minimum (35% +) on each subject.

Getting a degree is a broad or core concept for each student; now, there is a trend of the open board. From this perspective, IGNOU is the platform where students can get a degree without attending a regular class.

You can contact us if you need any help with your mark sheet. Whenever the university uploads his result on the panel, it takes 3-4 days to update the grade card portal. 

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