What is IGNOU Assignment? and how to write.

IGNOU Assignment
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IGNOU Assignment: We all came across the term assignment (TMA). But what is it? Before you look into the post, you need to know the essential words. This word applies to any course that you are doing.  

An assignment is mandatory that needs to submit every year. Another query:

Why do you need to submit it?

It is one of the critical factors that 30 percent marks, and it also helps you increase your percentage in the result. If your TMA is authentic and relevant, you will have a better effect.

It is not very difficult to write IGNOU TMA, and you should pay attention to it. There are easy ways to prepare it, and I have shared a lot about IGNOU-solved assignments in the past few months. If you are searching for IGNOU solved assignment can get it here.

How to write IGNOU Assignment 

This question arises every day for a fresh candidate. I published a detailed report about how to write an IGNOU assignment.

Submission rules?

You need to submit it every year. Submission rules are simple once you have submitted your assignment to the study centre within a time, and you need not submit it again if your project is completed on the grade card.

For making an assignment, you must have a clear idea about the topic. If not, then you may feel difficulty in doing it properly and efficiently.

Read the question of your subject before starting working on it.

First, find out what word limit exactly is required. This will help us better understand what we should write down in our assignment paper so that we don’t make any mistakes while doing so.

TMA Guidelines

  • Don’t write unnecessary answer
  • Write your answer on the a4 page if possible
  • Submit before the last date
  • Check the word limit for every answer. 

IGNOU assignment question paper 2021-22

We can get the question from the official website. BA course question 2021-22 is available in the BDP section.

You can find the solution to the project on our website.

You must wait for a new assignment question notification if your selected course is BAG.

IGNOU Assignment submission date

If you are an IGNOU student, this could be important news for you. The last date for the assignment submission date for December 2021 has been over, and June 2022 is 15 June.

Earlier, this deadline was 30 September and 30 March for the June exam. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Department extended the assignment last date. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a university of the central Government of India that provides guidelines for Students.

How can I get IGNOU Solved Assignment?

The IGNOU assignment help is here. We at Ansari Institute provide you with the best possible solution for your IGNOU assignment needs. Our team of experts will provide a unique assignment for you according to your specific academic requirements and time constraints. It will take 2-3 days to prepare the special solved paper. Our helpful tutorial will help you to get a decent number on TMA.. The mistake most of the students always make is copying their TMA answers from Google and writing. This is the wrong way. So that’s the main reason.

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IGNOU Solved TMA 2021-22

Our IGNOU solved TMA is beneficial for your marks. It lets you help save time and make cost-effective all the courses. Many students pay 500 for solved assignments to get good marks. You need not pay 500 for a single subject.

Choosing the right tutor isn’t always easy. 

Qualified teachers complete the Assignment solving process. Our goal is to reach every student who needs an Assignment solved copy.

Every time many students face a problem with an Assignment solved copy, they do not get the proper assignment; hence, they submit the wrong paper.

IGNOU BA solved Assignment 2021-22

Our BA assignment is available in pdf format. All answers are correct and under the word limit. BAG assignment is mostly of 100 marks. Except for some subject examples.

The acs1 assignment has two parts. Both parts 1 and 2 are 200 marks.

We have both BA-solved available.

How can I check my assignment marks?

Do you want to know how many assignments marks you got?

Getting good marks on TMA is a primary part of students.

For example

A student can identify what percentage of marks they are getting, which helps them focus on assignment writing.

There are various factors on which the percentage of your marks depends. An assignment is one of the most important factors on which they measure your score. Here is a link that provides you with checking assignment marks.

Mark’s calculation

Assignment marks in IGNOU are an essential factor for the result. Marks are calculated 30% for internal assessment (TMA) and 70% for performance in examinations (TEE).

It is one of the most critical parts of IGNOU students.

IGNOU assignment submission with late fees

Late fees are not applicable for assignments. Universities charge late fees only for Exam fees and IGNOU Admission fees. The study centre doesn’t charge you late fees while submitting the assignment.


Solved paper of IGNOU & study notes are the two most common words in the part of IGNOU. Any student who understands the importance of marks should learn the basics of assignment solutions & study notes and how to make them.

For the last 12 years, Ansari institute has guided IGNOU and NIOS students across India. We also provide solved papers of IGNOU projects every year to help you complete a course.

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