How to get IGNOU assignment format before submitting the assignment? Check the reasons.

IGNOU assignment format
Written by Niraj

Are you searching for how to make a proper IGNOU assignment format?

The university provides a TMA submission facility. Do you know we need to make TMA every year before the TEE? 

Today, we will discuss difficulties faced by IGNOU learners while submitting the report in college. 

You must know about the TMA, and it needs to submit it to the study center, 

But it’s difficult. 

It has to present proper format along with the front page & acknowledge slip. Often, SC refuses to accept your TMA because of the incomplete structure. Every session, I notice that fresher students are unaware of the IGNOU assignment front page; they write on a page and try to submit, but this doesn’t seem right. Hence, the study centre refuses to submit.

Sometimes your college doesn’t accept the TMA. Do you know why?

They will reject you if you do not attach the assignment with the proper IGNOU front page.

What is the proper IGNOU assignment format?

Check the below details:

1. Acknowledgment slip

2. Front page

3. Question paper

4. Answer sheet

Note: Stitched together.

If you follow the above steps, you will not face any problems.

The study center provides some simple copies of the IGNOU assignment cover page. If you are not getting it from the study centre, you can get it from our website and submit it along with the acknowledgement slip.

Formatting and submitting your TMA is remarkable because IGNOU assignment marks carry 30%.

How to submit IGNOU assignment

How to write an IGNOU assignment? I know you are curious to know about IGNOU assignment. A4 size page is all-time best for assignment.

Before writing, contact your study centres. Some center provides separate sheets to their students; you need to attest the acknowledgement slip with the front page, question paper, and answer sheet and submit it to the center.

It takes to two to three months to approve the TMA. So it’s essential to keep track of the submission status from the assignment submission panel.

I have already published a detailed report on preparing for the assignment.

How to get IGNOU assignment format online

I know you are facing a problem getting an IGNOU assignment front page in a PDF.

Maybe you are facing the below issue.

The college is not giving the IGNOU assignment format, and my centre is not near my address.

So how can I complete it?

When I was at IGNOU university, I also faced many challenges, so I will guide you on how to get it.

How to get the front page format in documents and pdf files?

You can get the IGNOU assignment front page in pdf and word format.

On the IGNOU first page format, you require filling up the data like name enrollment, no subject code, college details, etc.

Why is the IGNOU assignment front page format compulsory?

IGNOU assignment front page design is my all time favourie. As a candidate, apply these tips to submit the completed TMA.

One of the most important benefits of the front page is an instructor can easily findout your enrollment no and name. Implementing the IGNOU assignment first page looks good and gives your teacher a reason to provide extra marks, making them less likely to offer low marks.

Why do students face problems while submitting assignments?

I am telling you a story of a previous year’s student facing a problem with the IGNOU assignment format. When I received his call, he called me on 15th March 2020 and told me he was confused. Why are they not accepting?

I listened to him carefully; he told me the study centre tells me my TMA is not maintained correctly and that the cover page format is missing.

Then I provided the front page and acknowledgement slip. 

Finally, the college accepted his assignment. Whenever submitting at SC, One thing to keep in mind, no one will help you if you are stuck in the assignment submission queue.

Final Report on IGNOU assignment first-page format

Most of the study centre has a different submission format, and they don’t allow staples on the assignment cover page.

You can get the assignment cover page design easily by visiting the study centre.

Regularly check our IGNOU TMA format from our website, where I will update the exact TMA format, like your SC accepts. You will get the same front page from our website. We also need your support. If you find any other submission slip from another source like the study center or your friend etc., share it with us at

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