How to submit IGNOU assignment online?

How to submit IGNOU assignment online
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Are you searching for How to submit an IGNOU assignment online? I know most of the learners are searching.

IGNOU solved assignments are an easy way to prepare for your board exam. You can get the solved TMA from this page.

How to make IGNOU Assignments?

IGNOU Assignment is an important part of the study, and it carries a percentage of 30% for the final examination. Many new students face problems making assignments because of a lack of guidance. Today we will describe to you how to make an IGNOU TMA.

Check the below steps on How to write an IGNOU assignment.

1. Check the newest assignment question and ensure that the question is correct year-wise, like 2021-22.

2. If you’re applying in the July 2021 session, then you need to find assignments for 2021-22.

3. Write your IGNOU assignment on A4 size paper on a single side.

4. Before writing your TMA, make a margin of a minimum of 2 centimeters top, bottom, and left side.

5. Your answers should be accurate.

6. Write your Assignment within prescribed word limits.

7. Write the subject code and course title at the top of the margin and write the page number at the bottom of the page. You can use a blue/black pen.

8. First, write your question and then write your answer.

IGNOU assignment submission rules?

 If you wonder what the IGNOU assignment is or submission rules, here is a detailed step-by-step guide.

1. IGNOU assignment submission slip /acknowledgement slip.

2. IGNOU TMA contains the following format:

3. Attach your question paper.

4. Attach your answer sheet. Check the last step below.

Note: Do you know we can get the TMA front page from the study centre? So we always suggest visiting your study centre before making an assignment.

The teaching staff of the institution is highly qualified and experienced.

How to submit an IGNOU assignment offline?

Channel files or any cover files are not required while submitting the assignments. One of the easiest ways to submit an IGNOU assignment is to follow my previous post on how to submit an IGNOU assignment.

Where to submit the IGNOU assignment?

After completing the IGNOU assignment, submit it to your study centre and make sure your TMA is complete. Stitch on the left side. You will complete the first step by submitting it to the IGNOU study centre.

Why do we need to submit the IGNOU assignment online?

Most of the RC provides an online assignment submission facility to their learners.

So we need not submit a hard copy. We can submit TMA through a google form.

How to submit an IGNOU assignment online?

This sample tutorial is only for the candidate under the RC cochin.

Open the RC website

Click on assignment submission June 2022 session

You need to enter your following details: email, Enrolment Number, Programme, name, Mobile Number, Study Centre Code, Course Code, and Medium.

Scan your project file and upload them one by one.


a photocopy of your answer sheet to avoid unwanted trouble.

We have collected the data from the various regional center websites. Try to visit your regional centre website.

Is it compulsory to submit an assignment?

Yes, it is mandatory for all upcoming term-end exams.

Does the IGNOU study centre provide copies of the receipt?

Ans- Most colleges provide a submission receipt after submitting the TMA.

What is the IGNOU assignment submission’s last date?

IGNOU Assignment submission last date, depending on session wise, for the June exam, the last date is 15 June, and the December exam is 30 September.

Can I submit the IGNOU assignment by post?

You cannot submit your Assignment by post in all RC, and you must visit the study centre or apply for an online submission process.

I have submitted my IGNOU assignment online. And is there any way to check the assignment result?

We can find IGNOU Assignment online marks details after a month of submission.

If you want to verify the score, you must wait for 2 months. Once management uploads, you can check the assignment result from the following link.

How to check the assignment session for the TEE exam.

The Assignment session is mentioned at the top of the question paper. You can find the details along with the subject’s code.

What are the minimum passing marks required for the IGNOU TMA?

Passing marks are an important part of any exam. They show how well you’ve done in the subject and how much knowledge you have about it. The formula used by IGNOU to calculate passing marks is:

Passing marks for BA are 35% and 40% for a master’s degree.

Minimum passing marks for all the subjects and courses in a particular programme are equal, so if your score is less than 35%, then you will have to retake that paper/subject until you pass with at least 35% of your Assignment marks.

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