How to get IGNOU Id card 2021-22 by enrollment no

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This tutorial is for everyone searching for a How to get IGNOU ID card 2022 link.

IGNOU Identity card is an important document issued by the official management after verifying the application. It offers you to take part in universities’ different activities.

· While attending classes at the study center or during the visit to the RC office

· Submitting assignments/projects/practical

· Examination hall.

· Collecting the study material from a regional office or warehouse.

Once management confirms, it will be valid until the course duration. 

Top 3 ways to get an IGNOU ID card

Here we have mentioned the top 3 ways to get the IGNOU ID card option.

Follow the below step-by-step tutorial.

How to get an online IGNOU Identity card 

Whenever we talk about IGNOU Identity cards online, The Samarth portal is the most effective approach.

After getting the confirmation email, open the official link of the Samarth portal and get the ID proof online; you don’t need to call the regional office to get an E-Identity Card. The modern I card is e- signed.

download IGNOU Id card

1. Here is the Login panel (

2. Fill in the username & password.

3. Log in to the Samarth portal and click on my application. Once you are inside the portal,

4. Copy the above enrollment number

5. Click on the option.

6. Enter the enrollment no and click the submit button. Now it will open on a new page.

Note: IGNOU ID card link old before January 2019 has been facing some problems, and for the last six months, the login link is not working. If you are looking for an IGNOU Identity card old before January 2019, you must visit the regional office.

How to Get IGNOU ID card by enrollment no

It’s a wonderful option. You can follow the below steps.

1. Open the student registration dashboard

2. Check the declaration box and click” proceed for re-registration.”

3. For the first-time user, click new registration

4. Select the course

5. Enter full name

6. Enter the enrollment no

7. Fill in the captcha code

8. Click submit

9. Open your email and enter the OTP.

10. Create the password as per your choice

11. Login again with your enrollment number

12. Click on the services menu

13. Move down to the bottom of the page

14. Click on the ID card option

15. You will see a click here on the ID card button.

Note: This step is only for CBCS students.

Advantages of IGNOU student ID card in digital copy

Over the past five years, have you realized that education has grown in digitalized modes like online admission, online study material, and digitally signed identity cards?

Of course, everyone realizes

Here are the benefits 

1. No need to visit the study centre to collect it

2. No need to get approval from the regional office

3. If you lost your student identity card, you could get it again from the Samarth portal.

4. It is password protected.

IGNOU student id card


It supports a lot when you are submitting the assignment. A digital IGNOU student ID card is one of the latest initiatives in the digital education market, wherein you can get a digital document after admission.

Educational institutions like NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) provide digital documents.

What is the IGNOU ID card password?

Last year, one of my students asked me about the password; I know new candidates find difficulties while getting this.


your 10-digit enrollment no is your I card password.

Before finding it, we first need to have the original enrollment number, which you can find on the admission portal.

University providing a new digitally signed i-card from the past year. The new IGNOU ID card has a password protected feature. They intended to keep the secure data accessible only to registered students. The password is required to access the identity card.

How to get IGNOU Duplicate ID Card

If you have lost your IGNOU id card, you can request a new one from the institution. To do this, you will need to visit the RC office and follow the instructions.

· Visit the regional office with a GD copy and demand draft. Collect the application form.

· Fill in the relevant details such as name, address, and enrollment number.

· Paste the colour photo and apply it to the regional office for verification.

· Within the same day, you will receive your documents.

My Case study of the IGNOU ID card

Last week, I received an email  

My admission was confirmed in the July 2020 session, and I forgot to save the IGNOU student identity card and forgot the username, so how can I get my ID card?

I helped him reset the username and password and gave it to him.

You can get the identity card by resetting the username, name, and password. I saw it last year; some students faced difficulty while submitting the TMA. They don’t have an IGNOU ID card, so the study centre informs him you cannot submit the TMA without an identity card.


I forgot to print the identity card online, but I have a Soft copy and want to submit the assignment; is it possible?

No, you need a printed copy of the ID card.


Do you have questions about the IGNOU ID card 2021-22? If yes, please ask me in the comments section below.

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